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Five is a Canadian Company, based out of Red Deer, AB . We are a small business with our primary focus being the printing of T-Shirts with Christian Sayings that our customers will be proud to wear, while sharing about Jesus Christ at the same time.  

Some of the designs you will find on our site have been around for a number of years, however, we also design new images / sayings that are exclusive to us.  These have been designed either in house or by family and friends who have creative ideas.  You are welcome to submit any suggestions to us, and you may even get a T-Shirt with your idea on it.  The one thing we can guarantee is it will only be considered if it is pleasing to God and will help fill our goal of spreading the Gospel.

 Some of the T-Shirts offered are ready for shipping as soon as we receive the order, however, many of the designs will be completed once the order has been received and processed.  We strive to have all orders on their way to you within 12 – 36 hours (not counting weekends or holidays)  

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