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Red City Impressions is located in Red Deer, Alberta, CANADA.
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Ken and Shirley, married since 2019, are both semi-retired, due to long term disabilities. Ken manages the business with the ongoing and loving support of Shirley.

Long time Christians, a portion of the company profits are given to their local church, for missions and other outreach ministries.

As Christians, we are selective in the products we will create. We are happy to have an extensive collection of Christian designs.

We are fortunate to call many of our customers friends and hope to make new friends as we continue to grow our business.

About Us

We are a family owned business that was started with the desire to allow our daughter to stay home while the grandchildren were young and at home.

We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are satisfied. Until you are satisfied, we aren’t satisfied. That’s our promise.

We use products of high quality so they last and remain vibrant throughout their lifespan. We offer a quality product for a fair price, a price that is often below our competitors. All of our products are sold in Canadian Dollars, benefiting both our Canadian and American Customers.

Most of our products are made using vinyl or sublimation ink. Here is some info on the two types of products we focus on.


We use heat press vinyl on clothing. This allows us to design it and print it out on either the Cricut or the Silhouette Cutting Machines. The Cut Out is placed on the clothing and we apply high heat to the product and a minute or two later we have the finished product.

We also use permanent or removeable vinyl to apply cut outs to walls, vehicles, signage, etc. The permanent vinyl sticks very well and is a challenge to remove, especially on walls where the paint may come down with it.

The removeable vinyl is a bit of a reach with its name. It is easier to remove from the surfaces, but it is not reuseable.

With both of these products, we recommend you make sure you are putting the product where you actually want it. Vinyl placed on glass and mugs are not recommended for the dishwasher.


The question we get asked most often is “What is sublimation ink?”

Sublimation Ink is a dye that is printed onto a special paper using an EPSON Inkjet Printer or a SAWGRASS Printer. When printing for sublimation, it is necessary to print a mirror image of the design, resulting in the image showing correctly on the finished product. The special paper is then placed on the product and high heat is applied to it. The clothing must have a minimum of 40% Polyester in it or the ink won’t stick to the clothing. Sublimation Ink works best on light colored clothing.

Sublimation ink works very well on coffee mugs, tumblers and other fun items.

Items made in sublimation can go in dishwashers and microwaves (if the dish is microwaveable)

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